After serving as Managing Editor of the Santa Clara Law Review and Research Assistant to Dean George Alexander, I graduated from the University of Santa Clara School of Law in 1979. I've been a California attorney since November 29, 1979--the day I was sworn into the practice of law at San Francisco's Masonic Auditorium by the late California Chief Justice Rose Bird.
I am proud to say that I am a criminal defense attorney--a Life Member of the California Attorneys for Criminal Justice, currently serving my second term on CACJ's Board of Governors. This country was founded on certain fundamental principles--freedom from the state's unjustified intrusions and the individual's right to due process of law. I say that these two cornerstones of our nation's founding are the critical elements of criminal law. Therefore, my practice is limited solely to representing those accused by the state of violating the law.
In my "past life" as a Imperial County Deputy District Attorney IV, I prosecuted virtually every type of crminal offense on the books--including driving under the influence (alcohol and drugs), serious and violent ("three strike") felonies, narcotics sales and transportation cases as well as juvenile deliquency matters. I bring those many years' experience and practical know-how to my own private law practice defending those who stand accused of committing a crime.
I am intimately familiar with both the substantive criminal law and the procedural requirements that the state must follow to properly prosecute an individual. I fight for my clients' rights with a steadfast determination and commitment as a zealous advocate of the rule of law. I will fight for you!
Why exclusively practice criminal law?
Professional Background:
Let us never forget that this great country was founded upon the abiding principles of liberty and justice for all.