Being taken into custody by law enforcement can be one of the most unpleasant and frustrating events any person can experience. When you then face the possible loss of personal liberty, the potential of mandatory fines and other penalties--and a criminal justice system that often compounds the confusion and stress in your life, you need a professional who you can count on for help. I'm Jon Willis, and I am here to help you with my education, training and experience.      In the last 32 years, I have successfully tried both civil and criminal cases before juries in Imperial, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Diego, and San Mateo Counties. In 2009, I left the Imperial County District Attorney's Office, where I prosecuted criminal cases for over seven years and headed the Special Prosecutions Unit (Major Narcotics) in order to devote my professional life to defending persons accused of committing crimes in Imperial County.      I bring to this effort a wealth of practical experience. I am intimately familiar with the personnel and standard operating practices of virtually every law enforcement agency in this County. I am knowledgeable concerning criminal law and procedure--including the local court's practices here in Imperial County--because criminal law is the only area of law in which I practice. I regularly attend continuing legal education trainings sponsored by California Attorneys for Criminal Justice (CACJ), the California DUI Lawyers Association, and the California Public Defenders Association. It would be my privilege to represent you in your case. Call me today for a free initial consultation with the mention of this website!

Have you been arrested in Imperial County?
     Upon motion of Robert F. Kane, I was admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court in June, 1984.
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